Even the Angels must play

Some Angels from a silent night
had gathered on a day,
for so it was their Lord’s delight
to watch them all at play.

On silky chains
and silver chairs,
they circled round and round,
and sang a song of heavenly stairs,
and joyous was the sound.

5 thoughts on “Even the Angels must play

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  1. I love the way you see things. And you have such a gift with words, painting pictures for us all to enjoy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the kind of carousel you describe here. It sounds wonderful. I hope you are well. Stay safe, Lee.

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    1. Hi, Carol! Thank you. The idea for this came from a photo I saw on Twitter. It was similar to this one, but much more beautiful, and it reminded me right away of one of those lofty carousel swing rides where dozens of people circle around the central pole. The first thing I thought of was angels.


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