The names we pin

Be not offended If I don’t remember what you told me. Or if I tell you something for the second or third time. I need a good defragging, And, now that we are all homebodies, It’s excusable to forget what day it is. The names we pin, The borders we mark On borrowed continents.

To be, or not to be?

To know what to say,or whether to say it.To loose one’s breast-felt feelingsbefore their season fails.To decidewhat is fitting,or might damage,be ignored,or be spurned.Suffer, does the fool,for the promise of love,while ships pass by in midnight's glove.


Who taught the slug-brained? That bovine seat of thought that runs the basic body, five and dime. Be wary, for the tether of its beast may be quick to snap, and, the hurtling act done, the brain-child will stand protected, in its blameless innocence.

A cure for the chills

Me, I like a slate-tinted sky. Shales of ice, opaque underfoot. The remains of thistles and rushes. Holistic winds that purify all but notions. Think: How our bones and tears have fed the oceans. But now, I am for home. Pour myself a cup of tea, and think about the bubbles.

a working man

Old Man. He come every day at twilight time. I hears the bony drum, cicada’s hum. He wear raggedy clothes, canvas cap, yellowy beard. And his work he does. Cranks that gear handle round and round. Powers up the tiny lights. Pinpoints in the pinwheel spiralled sky of night.


don't mind me at all- I jump in frivolity from one to the other as the bee tests for honeysuckle nectar. The proper endings of songs are not known to me. Only a taste of a part of the art. A tip of the hat, and I hot-foot it away, Stay too long, and the... Continue Reading →

Ancestral memory

In want of stories, and of someone to read them to me, I spoil the fun, envisioning hillsides of mossy flow, far off in a fog. An anxious kerchiefed woman watching her man hammering a glowing sword. Then, his returning, cut muscles bound with cord, staunched with a maid's cloth.

In here

So many, here, write words of love. Words of yearn, longing and lonely. Are they for one who is here, or has left and cannot come home? For one who wants a conjuring to bring warmth to a sad siren. In dream, I conjure you, the writer, with hands soft, warm, and strong. Alone.

The face in the shoebox

That polaroid. Buddy was going through his shoebox of old photos, dealing them out like cards on the coffee table. I was stunned, but faked disinterest. The party drifted to the kitchen. He wouldn't miss it. Xenia, how came this? So young. So innocent of your appalling destiny.

The stairs, the stars

I will want my eyes open if I can, when it happens. Don’t stay if it’s too hard. But if you do, you might see, in my dry eyes, a struggle of the soul. A sea-change, as I watch the silver sun, and all that’s earthly folds its book. For I’ve already peeked at the... Continue Reading →

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