Tears, Finally

In isolation since March 11, 2020. Ten weeks of being in the house with a crushing feeling of nothingness and helplessness and anger and fear. The overwhelming sorrow at taking those feelings out on the ones that I love. An inability to say, “I am sorry”. As if a giant wall, miles high and thick, […]

Tears, Finally

3 responses to “Tears, Finally”

  1. We have been isolating since that date as well. It’s been a roller coaster – up one minute and down the next. Hubby is in such fragile health that the only place he’s been is the hospital for dialysis treatments. I run all the errands, do the grocery shopping etc. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. I think we are all doing a bit of taking it out on the people we love. I try my best but sometimes I lash out too. It is overwhelming at times. Blogging helps – when I can get motivated. I hope you feel better real soon.

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