When I woke up
this morning
I laid there for a bit
Idly went to scratch my nose
then nearly had a fit

Someone else’s hand was there,
with skin of ebon brown
I ran my fingers through my hair
It felt like eiderdown

I went to find the looking glass
to see what face was there
Expecting not the veritas
that I was meant to bear.

This darkened face
this different nose
this cauliflower ear
that now replaced
my beigey rose
and filled me up with fear

How could I go out like this
and look over my shoulder
Walk in fear and maybe miss
the chance of growing older?


    1. Lee Dunn says:

      Don’t know what you mean.


  1. it’s not easy to imagine the amount of fear carried by so many. It’s so sad and so needless. People should never have to worry about going for a jog or to a grocery store, or doing any of the millions of things white people take for granted. The past few weeks have driven home the points that black lives are in serious jeopardy every single day. Thanks for this, Lee. Great post!

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    1. Lee Dunn says:

      Thank you, Carol.

      Liked by 1 person

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