The Following

Awokedid Ito trap a dreamuntrammeled in its art But hurriedly it lost its gleamThough I drew it part by part How to capture?How to keepsuch singleness of soul? Such loving raptureborn of sleep-‘twas one of Heaven’s foal!

Empty, Within

The glory of the passing Shared among the weak Claimed by the strong Hold it up with pride Bear witness to this Ignore as my mouth fills With the … Empty, Within


Move on, we must. In boxes and bins, I carry my proxy love to the Stow-Away garage. Outside, the smirking cat has his wild bones on, drawing a bead on a tattered squirrel that curves down a dead-bowed limb. Night In the lush bush, there’s something that laughs. Treed, in a frightful dream it lolls, […]

Knowing you

I knewA girl who batted her eyelashesOne who touched meand had a tinkling laughOne who stood tearlessby her husband’s coffinthen criedwhen we joined handsOne who wasthe most alive personI had ever seenAnd one who told me thingsyou should not hear

Packing my bags

An apprehensionof not knowing the next move An assumed wordleft outthat should have been there The world goes cartoonish Walk with mefor I may not know the way Talk with mefor I know not what to say Do not trust meanymorefor I am poor and I watch a different show