Shady doings…

Embowered in dappledark the mushroom kin shake out their seasonings in a randy rain of spores A fallen pollen for the dusky earth Shaded with umbrellas of gills

Odds are

Copters of the dandelion-Maple hover and spin hover and spin! Miss the mower Allowed to flower Allowed to root Bumbles and squirrels to boot!

Hot gossip

I told you, from a distance, that I loved you, and was blackened with the earned shame of the illicit. Noses sniffed. Fingers pointed. Hands covered whispering lips. But you? You had a look of surprised wonder, and blushed redly, uncaring of the devil's radio.


I carry scissors just for this, you know. Straddle the lacyness. Snip snip (at the seams, mind you). What's that, a bit of talc? Ah, but you feed me with dream. I lay in quandary, ear to the cotton. My dirty laundry is long forgotten.

Road closed

In churlish dream, ragged clouds of storm, bruised and tumorous. Have I lived enough, done enough, loved enough? Must I take the knife?

Someone needs help

It's a long shot, but here goes... A friend of mine, who is disabled and on a fixed income, is desperate to find safe and affordable accommodation in South-Central Ontario. She has been renting a room for going on two years, but the landlord is an abusive and dangerous drunk.  I fear for her safety.... Continue Reading →

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