God save the Queen

Dreams, I've had, and thoughts in broad day, now, of doors both shut and locked. Of bridges, burned or broken. Vision's through wrong-way binoculars, cleverly cartooned. A safe distance. But listen...just... The clown is talking.

Careful now

A trusting soul is long in the learningof candor's proper place. For betrayals rankle still,confounding the hardened heart,Their memory an accretionto its jealous husk.

The church of research

May I do this with your arm, you said. Not ~Can I~, but ~May I~. And then, with your hands, you pressed down hard into the years, prying up stones that were cold and complacent. The roots of moles and strawberries. And "What?", I thought. What are you looking for? This hurts, yes. *** [Image:... Continue Reading →

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