Somehow Dawn — O at the Edges

Somehow Dawn I don’t know what to say. Or how. Feeling that I am on the upslope, not close. Not wrong. I want to be that hollowed space in the hackberry’s trunk, the calm of darkened light. And more. Some honey, dripped from the spoon. A house finch, fluttering. I will whittle my losses, […]Somehow Dawn... Continue Reading →

Shut in

From the outside, a look through my window would show a room deeply darkened to a purpose. A face faintly strobe-lit in glints of grey. There are melodies that I can't hear, and beauty that I can't see. Don't mind the puerile smile. It is there to a purpose, too. *** Image credit: Man Portrait... Continue Reading →

High ideals

~Thinking I said something, I fell silent in doubt until a gravelly voice whispered the supposed words into my ear. I turned my head to the side and looked down a Dali funnel, fishing for an anchor to snag this faint, this float.~ *** Image credit to OpenClipart-Vectors | Pixabay

His highness

These small merciesought to leaven the days,I know.But the dustbin of me,now,runs on fumesand sees its own dryness.Double-dares the Devilin all of his highness. *** Image credit: pixel2013 | Pixabay

In those days

In those daysthere were bedsheet flags,wooden swords,bobby pin rifles.Our breathless legions in shabby Keds.Shoe boxes full of bubblegum cards,fluffy-edged from brick wall flingings.Tennis balls with fluff long gone,and pockets full of marble prizes. And, in tumbling years,I knew a kid who sniffed acetone.He had no Dad, but had a gun.Called his mum a crazy bastard,and... Continue Reading →

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