Good intentions

Daguerreotype is the day,ancient as I drive. Beside me she is a ghost,and I can't speak to the veil-the closed idiom of her soul. OrI am the ghostand have simply lost the languageto this often-paved way.*** They got into the car just the same, even though this was a frivolous trip. Even though she knew... Continue Reading →

For the lost

"FOR THE LOST" In fog's night, there's a shimmer. A hint of hearth and home. A muted invitation to one who walks alone. Far away from native shore and succor of the soul. Harbouring a longing for the things that make us whole. Fishing for remembrances of paintings in the mind, but finding only semblances... Continue Reading →

The day before winter

A walk, shortened, in October bluster. Black branches flailing shake off leaves to the bonfire of fall. Escape, they do, in a tumble dry dance. Carpet the catwalks. Stick to the shoes. The future's opaque. Carrying, carrying things. Stumbling towards rest. Knuckles of anxiousness push up, under the jawline. Boxes, unopened these years. A pair... Continue Reading →


By Meg Sefton…a gentle insight into the way many of us are feeling, I reckon.

Within A Forest Dark

Sunroom: Sunlight streaming through vertical blinds by Steve Garner, flickr

At exactly 7:44 a.m. the sun rises above the line of covered garages across the lot from my garden apartment. Until today, I had not opened the vertical blinds in my living room at precisely this time. Before the rising of the sun, I was already awake and had learned the wind will blow 30 to 40 miles per hour today, that the temperature was 45 degrees. I sit on my sofa with the sun stabbing my eyes, spotting my vision but I do not close the blinds. I like it I have greeted the sun. And I like the way the 30 to 40 mile per hour wind is blowing the tall pines beyond the garage, dappling the sunlight, causing it to shift and dance.

I am sad a neighbor is moving out. With the rising of the sun…

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