That man

Of late, he takes good care of me- that man with the hand in the darkness. He is perfumed with loam and grassiness, and says ~Stay down to this Earth. Look not to the lights above, for you are borrowed from them. What you long for is not in the faraway, but in yourself.~ ***... Continue Reading →

I am one

I am one for snowy story scenes. For slow walks through the safe streets of Tokyo, abandoned in the rain. For bumper cars, pedal to the metal, connected to a thundercloud, and for the glowing drones like lit dandelions etching the wheat fields with strange sayings. I am one. *** Image credit: Pinterest

An Oasis in a Mars-scape

In 1922, Barbara and Owen Flynn from Strathmore, California, found a little mountain enclave called Camp Nelson. Following the example of their … An Oasis in a Mars-scape

Disturbed, I nodded . . .

In an anxious stepping dream, a scruffy old pup (three-legged) said "Thank you" into my ear as I held his hand on the stairs. Down a flight (in the waiting room), all of the seats were peopled with cutouts except one that held my brother, arisen. Thrice as real as the cutouts and more real... Continue Reading →

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