Out of control

They come to hurt, at inopportune times. Finned and fishy notions, marauding like sharks- hammerheads in teapot oceans. I've a head full of dark, as I drive. Under a rainy tree, a young woman. Her eyes, they follow. On quantum strings, they remonstrate- ~Be kind. Be kind~ Artist:Ivan Aivazovsky


Endings today- A small thing, as if hit, flails its last on the hot roadway, its doubtful heart and kicking legs wanting only to run, to run. And I have done murder, my mower surprising some bees and fledgling frogs who wanted only sweetness and shade. This grass will grow now. *** image credit: https://pixabay.com/users/thomaswolter-92511/

In song

An Aria for the Sky A Hymnal for the Earth An Anthem for the Ocean A symphony for the Sun *** Image from Pixabay

Two rooms

We sleep separately (good neighbours that way) I plug in and am known as Vader. The motors of her snore are like a cheetah's purr and, of late, she reports things that go bump- a slammed door something in the ceiling talkative ghosts We hold hands with long, long arms. *** Image: Pixabay


I tasted shampooas I lay in the dry tub,all bones pill-broken,noseblood in rivuletson porcelain. And my desperado thought:Come to me now,for I cannot reach for youany more.

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