My fear

~All of the old stores are empty now, musty and unused to windows. Locked in a tin room, I hear the circular saw start up, then the screams as they lop off the hands of thieves. Tonight, I will get my pan full of cricket meal. Tomorrow, in chapter and verse, my sentencing.~

Child of mine

~My child What will you take up in your hands and see as good Will you see the falseness of sold things meant as a siren song and worry little over small matters that fall away with yesterday May you be nimble in your seeking of love and of God, and know that the two... Continue Reading →

Until then

When I begin to speaka learned languageto a veiled world, please know that I have always loved you- my hand-holder, my chaperone.

Asleep in sway

Refuse in the oceans. God's things caught in its mire. In a come-lately penance, I think of small atonements, futile fixes. If a poem had power, had sway, or could be born of a prophet, sleep might come more easily. Still, I count the sheep of days, the fish in a river's flow... *** image:... Continue Reading →

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