No exit

~Of late, dreams of flight have been over desolate landscapes, and instead of searching for Shangri-La, I want only to go home. Once soaring and drunk on elixir, now I must use my hover-hands to stop, skinning my palms. Doors and doors are heard in a slamming echo.~

The understudy

(Originally published as Bewitchery) We kids always called it The Last House in Town, but really it was just outside of town limits.  With its old red brick covered in summer's ivy, its hot tin roof for the cats, and its perimeter fence of spear-topped wrought iron, it looked suitably forbidding.  Especially at dusk on... Continue Reading →


The sun was in beamsthrough the travelling trees,like a ruby- a lasering strobe, as I did a drivein convertible breeze,well abreast of the darkening road. And "Houses of cloud"(did I say, out aloud?)in the lamps of the settling sun,for I pictured a fortress- a bastion endowedwith the flags from the battles it won. In a... Continue Reading →

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