A settling day

Meg had put it from her mind for too long. Today was a day of change and of ending. Which way...which way? Long she had walked. The further away she got from grasping hands and tearful faces, the greater grew her resolve. "God, forgive me." she thought. [Art by Deb Garlick]


From birth, his eyes were like baubles of glass—ornamental. Yet, he had been given a second sight like a vast array of solar sails, fanned and latticed- a sure conduit to enduring memory and the airs of the world. He authored colors, and spoke them into life. [Art by Francis Picabia...The Joy in Blindness]

No fool like an old fool

I whistled well when I was young- An artifice of breath and tongue. It ruffled almost everyone, Save you, my funny shadow. I met you in the grocery aisle Unwitting of your secret smile I hummed a tuneful ditty while I squeezed an avocado. Funny- how you had the nerve So forward, and without reserve,... Continue Reading →

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