No fool like an old fool

I whistled well when I was young-

An artifice of breath and tongue.

It ruffled almost everyone,

Save you, my funny shadow.

I met you in the grocery aisle

Unwitting of your secret smile

I hummed a tuneful ditty while

I squeezed an avocado.

Funny- how you had the nerve

So forward, and without reserve,

And scant I felt did I deserve

Your words of inspiration.

You asked me “Can you whistle too,

Or sing a silly song or two?”

And, blushing as I said, “I do”,

I paused, in hesitation.

And so, you said “Not many men

Can pull it off like that”, and then

You walked away, and that was when

You turned around, still smiling.

So, blushing still, I hoped that we

By happy Serendipity

Might meet again, for so you see-

Your smile is so beguiling.

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