On a roaming evening in a town called Twelve, the houses were all of glass. One could see, as one passed, the cold and the warm hearths, the worshippings, the pointing fingers. The quick caresses or the coldness of turned backs and folded arms. The street of shops was all dull metal, windowless with risings... Continue Reading →

All my life

I feel odd and strange: as if someone from the future has breezed into my room. From a point of light in a grey sky he comes. He has broken wings and sunken eyes, but smiles and caresses my face with warm hands. And he, his eyes say..."All your life. All your life." (With... Continue Reading →


My opinion is that some go there with two weeks worth of dirty laundry and take up too many washers & dryers.             Others come and empty the change machines for their poker games or parking meters, then leave. At least one has stolen a nice sweater, when they thought I was reading my mildewed paperback.... Continue Reading →

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