My opinion is that some go there with weeks worth of dirty laundry and take up too many washers & dryers.            

Others come and empty the change machines for their poker games or parking meters, then leave.

At least one has stolen a nice sweater, when they thought no one was looking. They put it with their laundry, got in their car, and left. I took a license number.

There is a shy man who sits on the window ledge. Looks at you like a puppy and smiles as you enter or leave. It’s unsettling.

Once, a hundred-dollar bill was found in an otherwise empty dryer.

Another time, a bag containing a large piece of shit was found in a dryer when a person was taking their clothes out. They had to rewash and dry everything.

Some just sit on the chairs and don’t speak at all, and don’t read. Only stare. It’s unsettling.

Some come there, and their side gig is meeting new people. They chat you up when you’re the one who’s sitting and staring. It’s unsettling.

There’s a sign on the door that says, “This door locks automatically at 11pm.” Does that mean you are trapped inside if you’re late getting out? What if you have two or three loads to take to the car, but you’re locked out before you can get the last one? It’s unsettling.

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