Lee Dunn

Sixty something working stiff (retired). Avid reader, dreamer, and searcher. I write poetry, short stories, and non fiction. Shades of the surreal, the horrific, the nostalgic, and the humorous. I have had work published in the Shelburne Free Press, on Spillwords Literary Press, and in print at Crepe & Penn Poetry.

Deep thoughts

I have heard we are Stardust. Joni Mitchell and Carl Sagan were probably right. That means that one of my father’s atoms could be in this very room as I write, or could even be part of the iPad that I tap upon. I hope I am alive when we get to Mars. I want […]


A noble profession

the hours are sometimes terrible the lack of help is worse they smile and do their duties to which we’d be averse they’re treated so abusively by some who scream and curse and yell at them accusingly of trying to steal their purse so now’s the time to give a smile and bring along this […]


Little Green Wings (reprise)

As told in an earlier story, I’ve had a problem with sleeping drugs (hypnotics) for the last five years or so. As of today, and under supervision, I am down to one quarter of the dose I was using two months ago. The sleep has not been good, with four or five awakenings each night, […]


Devil’s Whisper

Originally posted on jimmi campkin:
Her parents once told her she was an accident, and as the years tumbled by she grew into a catastrophe.  She told me; I’m gatecrashing a party here.  I have no rules.  I have no (finger quotes) dress – code.  I exist in a vacuum.  I am in the empty…