Jolly Roger

I saw a UFO last night- Looked like a pirate ship. But, soon as I turned on the light, it vanished with a blip. Must've seen me- was it shy of being talked about? "Come back!", I said, to empty sky- My light, I turned it out. [Art by Francisco Fonseca]

A bright time

Damocles, the imprisoned cat, is known to the spirits of forest and fen. By night, they bring to him the saving light of a golden afternoon. *** Art: "Cosmic Energy", by Remedios Varo

Donelda’s find

On the second globe in great Alpheratz's sway, little Donelda comes to herself at the sound of trickling water. In the stream's iridescence, something bobs, circle-twirls in the undertow of an eddy. This day, the water is warm, and her thin fingers feel no change as she scoops up the doll. Raggedy Ann has made... Continue Reading →

Ghost writer

All murky she sat, with her palindrome pen, as she flavoured the localized ether. And her Hallowe'en cat was asleep once again, as it lay on the carpet beneath her. When she'd written her prose, and its vapours arose, she danced (for the spirit was willing). Her compadres were lazy, and the rest had gone... Continue Reading →

Once, in a blue moon

What happens up there on that day-faded see-through moon? (A long long sail, by any nautical standard.) No one is certain. My scholarly theory says there are silent factories dug down deeply. There, they make cups and saucers. (But not the kind you think) The Engineers think and design. The Builders build. And, many thousands... Continue Reading →

Harvey and the flying machine

Ahhh..I am so tired. But, a story I will tell you,  for your little ones. Harvey, of rabbit fame, thought himself a rakish Jack of Knaves. Such a suave countenance should by no means go unheralded. He built himself up to be a legend in his own mind. "I am Legend", he said, having heard... Continue Reading →

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