A rainy day

Tie-dye me a shirt the purple and ochre of bruise. I’ll salt it away in a drawer, and save it for a rainy day like this. If only you knew what’s inside of me now, you wouldn’t want to know me, somehow.


Carpe Diem

So. Not for a while now have I felt that I could point the way, suggest, show interest. So, let’s seize this day that’s given. Let’s walk by the water. A movie and popcorn. The second hand store. Please, take my hand. Are you still mine? Come with me. I promise.


Something tells me

Some say it’s demons. The real kind you exorcise. They’re in vogue now. Drugs won’t help. We are too far away from our souls. Why would a demon want little old me? But, something tells me to get that gutting knife. It’s why I wear long sleeves in the summer.