Carpe Diem

So. Not for a while now have I felt that I could point the way, suggest, show interest. So, let’s seize this day that’s given. Let’s walk by the water. A movie and popcorn. The second hand store. Please, take my hand. Are you still mine? Come with me. I promise.



She called me. We went rushing in two cars. His promise was empty, though. Passed out, half on the floor, half on the couch. She smacked him in the face, gently. Put a cold cloth on his forehead, and he sputtered awake. We searched the house, emptied all of the bottles. Haha, he said. I […]


Dad’s wish

Dad’s been long in his grave. We didn’t know each other, really. At nineteen, I felt like a fake, attending bedside vigils, not knowing what to say or do. When i got the call, I was silent. Only silent. Fifty years ago. And now, I’m a year away from living as long as he did. […]