Does it rush at you, too quickly and sinister, as if lying in wait for a wakening? You had a fondness for a thing ambered now, in its beauteous fade. What's left for us, after such withdrawal, stewed, now, in the certainty of worry? Chastened in the land of hurry.

Sense you all

You won't have to tell me how to touch. Where to begin. What emboldens, or brings wild abandon. With ease do i see your gilded cage and its fearsome keeper. And, we know why rules were made, don't we? Your measured steps tell of fear, not of love. I have a fear too, but of... Continue Reading →


When they went to clean out the dead man's room, one could see their noses wrinkle from the smell of his cigar years.  There was sweeping and wall washing to be done, but the first thing was to get that stuck window open.  Brother John was dispatched to the hardware for a crowbar.  Their old... Continue Reading →


In the wrenching spell of nightmare, something cadaverous, phosphorescent on the forest floor. Bleached as if drowned and months missing. Current-carried, caught on some subterranean thing. Tell me it isn't you. Tell me. Oh, my love. My life.

Things unsettled

Have you felt it, dear one? The oddness, the forced smiles, the hurried looks. The swift shutting of doors at dusk in huddled houses. Poisonous seeds have been sown. Short fuses in broad day. Scripted horrors bring us to the brink. Our world is waiting.

It was a dark and stormy night…

Storms don't bother him any more. The rumble and tumble of distant thunder brings a modest smile to his face, and one could guess, from his inward look, its peculiar comfort. In his mind are the blankets of his childhood bed. Dirty grey and dark inside, but soft and safe. Safe with his own private... Continue Reading →

26: Fluids ***GRAPHIC***

On the tilted table I lie. Sore arm injected with serum. Paralysis abides. In the dim, I see tools hanging, dangling, clanking in the vacuumed wind of a swiftly opened door. And, in walks DeSade. Aye, what will it be today?  says he. (From his trouser belt hang more questionable instruments.) *He pushes a little... Continue Reading →

If I should die before I wake

Shocked out of brooding dream and evil education. A match is struck, a flare of bright sound. It brings semiconsciousness, but illuminates naught but contrived shadows. They make weasel movements, peeking obscenely through the blinds of the high up window. What are they, eh? What are they? In sudden fear, the tongue cleaves to the... Continue Reading →

Pie face

Don't go out tonight,  my little man. Oh no, don't. Especial, not behind the broken barn by the woodpile under the crooked elm. I seen him there last night when I was takin' a pee. Buddy kilt 'im. Cooked 'im up in a pie. It's he's ghost, I tell ye. Got lips so horble. He's... Continue Reading →

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