(Originally published as "Neverland" and "On Tormance we stand" ~ A cordial Hello to all who may see this, and may the day embrace you! From your history books, you will know that our ship Neverland left the vicinity of Old Earth 11,000 years ago, bound for the solar system of Arcturus.  Neverland was constructed in space,... Continue Reading →

The folding of Cain Coven

Down a choked and muddy stream, through dense thickets, warrens, and vine curtains, lay the charmed coven of Cain.  None knew it, as it was bound with a spell of bewilderment.  Through the attrition of years, most of its first thirteen souls had gone to grass, their bones and plasma powdered and cast into the... Continue Reading →

Joe’s Diner

You know a Joe. Lots of us do. My Joe, well, he's got it bad. Back in the day, my Joe was kinda livin' the Dream. With a nice young wife, a good job that he liked, and, with it all, a beautiful little daughter growing up fast. A bit too fast. Young, impressionable, sullied... Continue Reading →

Melrose 3- five oh eight eight

Karla had just turned 42, three nights after Christmas. At a brisk pace, she hurried back home from the corner store in the cold dark dribbling rain. Up the six steps of cracked concrete, she turned her bent key to the apartment lobby. Still dripping, she heard the same old squeal of her very own... Continue Reading →

A dream Dad, a burning yearn.

Why'd you lead me into corn-stubbled hills? This mind of mine swirls with overthink. Come on, old man. We're supposed to be waiting by the highway for that Buick to pick us up. It is to take me home. You're just a distraction. Suggestibility is a downfall of mine. I've followed too many false prophets.... Continue Reading →

The coldest knight of the year

Sack of a face. All dragged down by gravity and surrendered muscles. It's supposed to take more of them to frown than to smile, but nature disagrees. And what's he doin' now, that old Aqualung? Shufflin' along the sidewalk. Dangerous as a stage player. There, he's found the metal grate, the rising heat curtain. Marilyn... Continue Reading →

Child of grace

Just this morning, Clarice went to coma. In hallways of cottony grey she swims, but not aimlessly. She has shed the displeasures of the flesh, and does not feel, as they slide the needles and tubes into it and make the lungs rise and fall. Only hears, in a fast fade, the pops and clicks... Continue Reading →


When they went to clean out the dead man's room, one could see their noses wrinkle from the smell of his cigar years.  There was sweeping and wall washing to be done, but the first thing was to get that stuck window open.  Brother John was dispatched to the hardware for a crowbar.  Their old... Continue Reading →


If you found me this evening time (for such it is),  you would know things that have been out of your sight.  The way that I put on my skin and my bones.    How my legs bend after dark.  What I do with the possibility of fingers.  How my movements compare to yours, since... Continue Reading →

In the beginning

In the bleak black crack of a Singularity, a palindrome world is hid. It had a name that time forgot, but none could mispronounce Doppelgangers dwelt in its brimstone airs. Fleshed out from learned lives in Otherlight, their honour is the keeping of an Obelisk. Placed upon this cinder world, and not made by man... Continue Reading →

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