free verse

Shaman dishonour

remember, as you swell. you’re only a man. your fool’s cunning tells you that we are littler. you’ve been down the dark alleys and have seen the envious, the intolerant, the self-righteous, the quick to anger. you know the words, the inflections, the dismissive gestures that will bring that flock to heel. to rally under […]



In this roomsome are on dripsThere are monotonous beepscomfortable chairsfoot roomOne or two soulshave bright coloursAnother is nipped in the budFrom down the halltimed screamsAnd meWell I sitalert and interestedseeingwith the sad puppy eyes.


A cry in the dark

A certain Ouija still conjures you, wavering but fading. It was not long ago that I could see you clearly, in sober thought, connecting perfect pixels in the 3D puzzles. What you said, how you moved with odd gesture. All reimagined. All lost. No second chances. In the dull I sit.