Do not speak of it. Do not see me. Give what you have to give, willing or no, and don't mind the scars. The remnants of your gown, oft removed, keep us coming back for more. But, in time, you will womb a tree that reaches to Heaven. *** [Art by Zdzislaw Beksinski]

The lost

He dreams of things with tattered wings, open mouths, and lolling tongues. Heaven's impostors, fallen from grace. Thirsting but never slaking, they lie impaled in the pines, their chill voices forbidding all who may think to touch. Art by Zdzisław Beksiński, untitled.


~In my mannequin dream, she walked with a limp and a clack. Lurched toward me with a doppler shift, as sure as a coaster's chain drive. Her face- a calamine complexion, flytrap lashes, cheekbones of rouge pasties. And I, rooted, felt the come-hither hell of china fingers.~

A white thing

2:43 a.m. and I get up to pee. There's only the night light, knee height. I shuffle arthritic, steady the wall, when a white thing bumps my eye like a drifting balloon. In a hissed whisper, "bitch" it says, imploding its albumen, stifling my breath. I don't have to pee any more.

Melting Man

Melting Man has the night terrors Malignant faces Pointing fingers Nodding to each other with icicle noses long hands and obscene gestures ~Man of the Melt~ Cover yourself! Fold ye down into the foam where mildewed spirits cannot roam Call ye spiders and millipedes home!

I done something

It doesn't look much like you see in the movies.  Well, depending on how long you leave it sit, it changes colour and gets a little syrupy.  Marge put in for two weeks' vacation, so no one has thought to call here yet.  Once I had cleaned up a bit, I took a few days... Continue Reading →


In the wrenching spell of nightmare, something cadaverous, phosphorescent on the forest floor. Bleached as if drowned and months missing. Current-carried, caught on some subterranean thing. Tell me it isn't you. Tell me. Oh, my love. My life.

33: A mantis in Atlantis

Under the sea Under the sea Life is much better Down where it's wetter, take it from me!* I was strapped to a stool facing a desk on a concrete floor under a hot light Behind the desk sat a Mantis. Unusually large (s)he was. Triangular visage. Opaque eyes. Saw-toothed arms, chitinous wings. Elbows on... Continue Reading →

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