Jolly Roger

I saw a UFO last night- Looked like a pirate ship. But, soon as I turned on the light, it vanished with a blip. Must've seen me- was it shy of being talked about? "Come back!", I said, to empty sky- My light, I turned it out. [Art by Francisco Fonseca]

For free

I dream in hieroglyphicsand ink the walls of caves; eschew the honorifics, the accolades, the raves. It's all for fun, and all for free- I'll never make a buck. Matter of fact, I'm in the hole, but still I run amok.

Melrose 3- five oh eight eight

Karla had just turned 42, three nights after Christmas. At a brisk pace, she hurried back home from the corner store in the cold dark dribbling rain. Up the six steps of cracked concrete, she turned her bent key to the apartment lobby. Still dripping, she heard the same old squeal of her very own... Continue Reading →

Shirt tales

Don’t commenton my dirty shirt,if you please.I am not inclinedto change it,lest I have bad luck again.This morning, the skyfavoured me with gull droppings.At lunch, it was blueberrieswithout a bib.Then, coffee,spilled by the infernal cat,who likes blueberries too.

Ghost writer

All murky she sat, with her palindrome pen, as she flavoured the localized ether. And her Hallowe'en cat was asleep once again, as it lay on the carpet beneath her. When she'd written her prose, and its vapours arose, she danced (for the spirit was willing). Her compadres were lazy, and the rest had gone... Continue Reading →

Whistler’s Brother

  Do you even realize you're doing it? some say. I say wut? The whistling!  The whistling! They are peeved. Somewhere else, I hear I love it! I say pardon? and get red. I'll whistle your language whatever it be to pipe you up closer or farther from me.

the thyme has come, the walrus said

The fish in that sea they came seldom and sparsely they were most of them babies of a fingerling's age But, Rose married one, see? and don't judge her too harshly. 'T'least he didn't have rabies, and time's long without wage. Haha.

Silver bells

And the man said "Well, it's time to clear the driveway now." And Heart said "I will go along." And the man said "Let's grab that big plastic scoop. It runs like a sleigh, and carries a lot." And Hands said "Don't knuckle under" And Knees said "Don't buckle under" And the man said, breathing... Continue Reading →

Cunning, no less

whiskers are self-aware we think they train themselves and have a care and so avoid the sink the sharpest razor surest hand might catch them in the pink but the smarty ones just bend, don't stand and miss the poet's ink.


Hah! Squeak now, smelly one! Study me, damn me, with your hatpin eye. Not much can you say. Not much can you hear with your velvet ear. We don't need to "raise the bar" for YOU, do we? As you lie in your hard bed, your crucifixion's a warning- IT'S A TRAP!  

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