Planters wart

Johnny-come-lately, I plant bulbs stupidly in the cooling earth under powder of snow with a straight spade I dig up cake-flaps of sod I disregard directions and just drop them in, the oniony things. This blasted blizzard. I drop to one knee, hard of breathing, hit by BB's of ice

33: A mantis in Atlantis

Under the sea Under the sea Life is much better Down where it's wetter, take it from me!* I was strapped to a stool facing a desk on a concrete floor under a hot light Behind the desk sat a Mantis. Unusually large (s)he was. Triangular visage. Opaque eyes. Saw-toothed arms, chitinous wings. Elbows on... Continue Reading →

Alliteration bugs in the garden

I dug the whole hole for that last scrubby shrub. Busted birchy bones to get in. Warm wiggly worms waggled their surprise. Put peat partly into the mix, Tamped the topsoil tightly down. Aggravated army of ants on the march On skin they tickle like drops that trickle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At last, with a drench, and... Continue Reading →

The affair

I feel possessed when you come 'round. Vampire of my affections that I save, unknowingly, to cast, as pearls. Lost upon you? So nervous you are. Just a touch makes a static spark, and you jump back, mistrustful. I hold out to you my right hand, and slowly shutter my eyes in token of obeisance.... Continue Reading →

Mister M.

    We mumbles, yes we mumbles, and oftentimes we screams. Depends a lot on Mister "M", Director of our dreams. We stumbles and we fumbles, through the achy breaky pains. And he always makes us stay inside, excepting when it rains. Now, quite a skimpy imp he is, but never is he humble. He... Continue Reading →

Furry ventriloquism 

I never knew what cats were thinking, until my teenaged daughter started "rescuing" them, one by one, and bringing them home.  In one case, it was a clandestine operation involving a smuggle under her jacket, and a fait accompli when we arrived. Like many Dads, I found it hard to stay mad for very long,... Continue Reading →

What did you expect?

The arborite of tabletop is smooth and cool and even. Reach now for the shining phone. Feel its warm monolith, tented over in your pocket. For extra reassurance, stroke the disagreeable cat. It is deep velvet, simmering skin, removable whiskers. Only you can elicit its purr, calm its condescending glare. Don't you dare stop, or... Continue Reading →

The spirits of today

[The scene:  Mister and Missus lie abed.  Morning light begins to filter in, but the snooze goes on and on.  Their eyes are their own, for a last time.  Two phantom faces, etched in smoke, circle the ceiling.] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [RIMIDALV]  It is time.  Let us go. [MIK]  Which one do you want? [RIMIDALV]  You take... Continue Reading →

I vant to be alone

a liddle dlunk tonide. dwife say geddoff dat dam computre thadz all u wanna do these days I say nod true I lyke  to fool wit de cat and have a dlink now an den, hokay? Hoo boy, geez, cant ya jus lee me alone? Hah

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