My Man

hunch up those shoulders carry that hollow barrel chest on spindly trembling legs practice your ghostly motions stare obscenely out of eyes like yellowed olives your gates are closed for good and i stand holding you up listening to disconnected mutter while you piss black tar dribbling onto the floor and you say “I’m sorry” […]


A cry in the dark

A certain Ouija still conjures you, wavering but fading. It was not long ago that I could see you clearly, in sober thought, connecting perfect pixels in the 3D puzzles. What you said, how you moved with odd gesture. All reimagined. All lost. No second chances. In the dull I sit.


Sense you all

You won’t have to tell me how to touch. Where to begin. What emboldens, or brings wild abandon. With ease do i see your gilded cage and its fearsome keeper. And, we know why rules were made, don’t we? Your measured steps tell of fear, not of love. I have a fear too, but of […]