mental health

A rainy day

Tie-dye me a shirt the purple and ochre of bruise. I’ll salt it away in a drawer, and save it for a rainy day like this. If only you knew what’s inside of me now, you wouldn’t want to know me, somehow.


The Difference

Clarice awakes, but her dream abides. Don’t be offended when she speaks pleasantries, or not at all. What you might hear is only a placeholder for a short story of ten thousand pages. She’s seen a distant horizon, but can’t get there. Knows the true names of our colours, and how to ask questions of […]


Carpe Diem

So. Not for a while now have I felt that I could point the way, suggest, show interest. So, let’s seize this day that’s given. Let’s walk by the water. A movie and popcorn. The second hand store. Please, take my hand. Are you still mine? Come with me. I promise.