Shell game

The savor of a morning's dream, exhaled in a muscled yawn. And the thing resurfaces, still unresolved. And I am back to juggling, left-handed, with only one guess at a shell game's prize. "Can't sleep now!", the Chairman says. "Find this rock tonight. We'll decide who stays".

It brings on many changes…

Hell's voodoo. It's pricked our doppelgängers. And, with a squirm, we'll taste the fruits of our continents of secrets. We'll stare, in prurience: The men from the boys, the women from the girls, the free sinners from the chained saints. The Vice, The Versa.


In the wrenching spell of nightmare, something cadaverous, phosphorescent on the forest floor. Bleached as if drowned and months missing. Current-carried, caught on some subterranean thing. Tell me it isn't you. Tell me. Oh, my love. My life.

33: A mantis in Atlantis

Under the sea Under the sea Life is much better Down where it's wetter, take it from me!* I was strapped to a stool facing a desk on a concrete floor under a hot light Behind the desk sat a Mantis. Unusually large (s)he was. Triangular visage. Opaque eyes. Saw-toothed arms, chitinous wings. Elbows on... Continue Reading →

Bad Laura

Oh God. Please. Not this day. The mossy ceiling fan slows, and blows the dark down the hall to my room. And I know he is coming again. I've named him Bob, you know. His dark is charmed. Bestial. Always, I cannot move, or even see him through the soot. And he climbs upon me... Continue Reading →

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