Often, in our sessions, we trade stories, jokes. You smile and say it was the fastest hour you've had in a while. One day, I was awkwardly silent. At the hour's end, I said sorry for not talking today. And you said "don't apologize". Then, as you left the room, "Ever". Today your phone rang,... Continue Reading →

Dad’s wish

Dad's been long in his grave. We didn't know each other, really. At nineteen, I felt like a fake, attending bedside vigils, not knowing what to say or do. When i got the call, I was silent. Only silent. Fifty years ago. And now, I'm a year away from living as long as he did.... Continue Reading →

Steel and glass

Just today, 55 years after the crash, Stuart's face has appeared to me once more in a dream.  I don't know why I remember this, especially now, in my 69th year, but it feels as if God has spoken to me about one of his angels. On December 27th, 1964, I was fourteen and my brother... Continue Reading →

Tonight, I tell you truly

A man walks to his usual crossroads, all right turns until he completes the simple square that brings him home.  Tonight, he goes out late because of the hot sun, something to avoid with these new meds.  As a trade off for the cool and pleasant breeze, someone has provided intermittent clouds of mosquitos.  No... Continue Reading →

A face, a fate

I am in a band that plays the odd local date.  Churches, bars, gatherings and the like. A couple of months ago, after we had finished our setting up to play for an evening in the town tavern, we sat down for dinner and a drink.  When the waitress came to our table, I felt... Continue Reading →

Haraview Burgers (July 3)

Hello all... I stopped again today at the mysterious Haraview Burgers on Highway 11 north, a restaurant that has stood empty for more than 40 years.  As mentioned in previous stories, it still appears to be unoccupied but nonetheless in good repair. This time, I came armed with a letter I had prepared asking the... Continue Reading →


There must be some mistake,I think, but it's been days now. These messages from you, a thirty four year old stranger. And I say, and I say to myself there are lots of crazies on the internet. Lots of gold diggers. People who will say anything under cover of anonymity. And so, you started with... Continue Reading →

Haraview Burgers and highway 11

I've been making trips to north central Ontario for nearly 50 years, almost all of them via highway 11.  During that time, I have passed by a curious anomaly that remains to this day:  A burger place that was in business for a short time in the early to mid seventies.  It shut down after two... Continue Reading →

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