Hot gossip

I told you, from a distance, that I loved you, and was blackened with the earned shame of the illicit. Noses sniffed. Fingers pointed. Hands covered whispering lips. But you? You had a look of surprised wonder, and blushed redly, uncaring of the devil’s radio.



I carry scissors just for this, you know. Straddle the lacyness. Snip snip (at the seams, mind you). What’s that, a bit of talc? Ah, but you feed me with dream. I lay in quandary, ear to the cotton. My dirty laundry is long forgotten.


As large as life

stopped at a light i saw in slow seconds herself in bliss with eyes half closed in quiet crescents her hem in hand as if to shoo nipping cats watch the puddles dear you are out of this world but i pray for yours