It was a dark and stormy night…

Storms don't bother him any more. The rumble and tumble of distant thunder brings a modest smile to his face, and one could guess, from his inward look, its peculiar comfort. In his mind are the blankets of his childhood bed. Dirty grey and dark inside, but soft and safe. Safe with his own private... Continue Reading →


I don't understand your face. Its beauty is not in my eye, and I am the beholder. You are statuesque, with a long and slender neck. It permits a gracious tilt of the head so your excellent nose is in the air, and you can look down it. I am sure you must have an... Continue Reading →

All in the mind

[Person]         What are we? [Other]            Children [Person]          Why are we? [Other]             To grow.  To love.  To explore.  To find. [Person]           To find what? [Other]              Your way... Continue Reading →

In Congress

She gets to the kernel The crux of the biscuit Knows how the Gordian Knot was defeated Pray, let's not unravel the onion layer by layer We haven't time, and, besides, we know the smell HEAR! HEAR! Let not the gavel fall just yet.

a clean break

this bitter end more than I can chew I shrug on a windbreaker kick shoes out of the damn way dramatic exit vexed by that fucking screen door I didn't fix and I kick it too adrenalized thoughts come in a billowing storm careful what you wish for drop the car keys on the front... Continue Reading →

No country for young men

Who knew that it would hurt so much? That mornings would sometimes feel like death, its great hand pressing upon his chest? That giving up would feel like a warm bed. That going on must be bought with great courage and resolve? The vernal equinox another slow tick in time. A youth sees this species,... Continue Reading →

The bones remember

A little boy of three who misplaced his mother. And, as he grew, a bird of shadow brought to him a terrible knowing. Aloneness and fear. How to bear? How to do? Who will care? Singleness incubates a strange and strong beauty, and the bones remember its learning. At marrow's end they keep, in plasma,... Continue Reading →

Is it okay?

Is it okay if we just sit by the TV until you find sleep (you're always first) Is it okay that I lie in bed 'til lunch that I stack the dishwasher and hang the toilet paper the wrong way that I say how I really feel when asked that I want to read, rather... Continue Reading →


with a hot and white knife, poke the pillow of night stab upwards, eviscerate out will tumble the building blocks of day

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