the soul

For some, it wavers, I fancy, as does a candle’s flame. In others, it is compacted and hard, unreached by the light. Molecules from a veiled realm, finding fate and purpose. Unlucky are those without shields, for their radiance flows freely, a boon for all, but soon tainted.



Funny, how it comes. Boots in the snow by the mailbox. A pause, and a seeing. You know who your friends are, and they’re not who you thought. Seems you’re in the change of life, my friend. High fives are in order. No longer are they birds in a guilted cage.


It’s in the wind

Walk with me today, I beg. I feel as if there are corpuscles of sunshine, even though the day’s light is grey-filtered. It’s all bought and paid for, no? So come, if you please. I hope you are not afraid that I might tell you secrets kept too long, and all the reasons for a […]