The return

In sleep, the slowing heart, the forgetful lungs speak of an unwanting... a stepping down, a recoiling and return.

Spring shall overcome

Bare of snow and ice we were In the winter’s dwindling days And we marked upon the calendar The season’s changing phase Eager things poked up their heads To test the springtime air Some colour in the flowerbeds To grace a fairy’s hair But the sun, it paled, as iron dull And windy came the... Continue Reading →

Good intentions

Daguerreotype is the day,ancient as I drive. Beside me she is a ghost,and I can't speak to the veil-the closed idiom of her soul. OrI am the ghostand have simply lost the languageto this often-paved way.*** They got into the car just the same, even though this was a frivolous trip. Even though she knew... Continue Reading →

For the lost

"FOR THE LOST" In fog's night, there's a shimmer. A hint of hearth and home. A muted invitation to one who walks alone. Far away from native shore and succor of the soul. Harbouring a longing for the things that make us whole. Fishing for remembrances of paintings in the mind, but finding only semblances... Continue Reading →

The day before winter

A walk, shortened, in October bluster. Black branches flailing shake off leaves to the bonfire of fall. Escape, they do, in a tumble dry dance. Carpet the catwalks. Stick to the shoes. The future's opaque. Carrying, carrying things. Stumbling towards rest. Knuckles of anxiousness push up, under the jawline. Boxes, unopened these years. A pair... Continue Reading →

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