How vile, how foul you are to wreck this green peace with a donkey’s bray The sweet sigh of breeze shattered and mocked as you contest for the noblest obscenities and the basest of sentiments Yes, you, the loudest of voices makes me all the more quiet Waiting


Acting my age

From decades of borrowed wakefulness and broken sleep, this body gives way. The hated alarm faces the wall. Last night’s dreams of peace unfolded over fourteen unmedicated hours. This afternoon, with morning coffee, I take the two steps down to the garden, descending into green rest. I understand fewer things now. I repeat small stories, […]


A pearl

behind a Reception sign, someone sits. writes with her left hand, moves a mouse with her right, speaks into a headset enunciating clearly, succinctly, concisely. all this with a face of placidity, serenity, slightness of smile. i see an earring of pearl. i think of Nirvana. i think of Vermeer. her dancing eyes make art […]