When I woke upthis morningI laid there for a bitIdly went to scratch my nosethen nearly had a fit Someone else’s hand was there,with skin of ebon brownI ran my fingers through my hairIt felt like eiderdown I went to find the looking glassto see what face was thereExpecting not the veritasthat I was meant […]

The road is long

In fable days I took a dare to try the mortal maze They shut the door when I went in to walk its narrow ways I felt a fool and out of school unlearned in errantry and suffered doubt and went without a thought of parentry The road is long I sing a song in […]

The cunning linguist

Gimme those geometries, those triangles and squares, Dimensional anomalies, to tesseract my cares. Compasses and sliding rules; protractors are the rage. And, adding and dividing tools put answers on the page. So, at my desk, I’m bent upon the solving of equations. This genius that borders on the softest of invasions.

Cunning, no less

whiskers are self-aware we think they train themselves and have a care and so avoid the sink the sharpest razor surest hand might catch them in the pink but the smarty ones just bend, don’t stand and miss the poet’s ink.

Rhyme and reason

When waking life is webbed with dream, and what is real don’t matter, and conversations only seem unnecessary chatter, a poet’s heart’s engendering a majesty of wonders and thinks upon its rendering in brightnesses and thunders. Its rhythm, rhyme, and metering are things that are concerning, but when its meaning’s teetering- that’s when we think […]