Be my Witch

You must be my Witch In the day, you are as plain as day I think you don’t see me Maybe you think I don’t see you but I am good at eyes Always in your greys and tans and flats Shiny swinging hair Bottle goggles to discourage the shallow You glow from the feathers […]


No words

Looking back, I think she was afraid when I saw her truth. We had never spoken, but in the group sessions, she surprised me with split second glances and strange blushes. Then, tables turned, I made a game of trying to catch her eye. Not a single word. That’s how it goes. …and then one […]



The watching of bobby socks on feet with a popcorn smell. A shy face with downcast eyes and freckles. If I can coax her smile, chiclet teeth. Fine and white, but tilted funny. You drive me crazy. I videoed you at the party. Fifteen minutes. Just your feet, crossing and uncrossing. No one knew. I […]