The Difference

Clarice awakes, but her dream abides. Don’t be offended when she speaks pleasantries, or not at all. What you might hear is only a placeholder for a short story of ten thousand pages. She’s seen a distant horizon, but can’t get there. Knows the true names of our colours, and how to ask questions of […]



Will you tell me, Father, what the sky looked like when the Angels fell? When one of power sowed the great discord. The First Lie. Kin against kin. Weapons in Elysium. Did the black flock Blot the Sun And foul the Earth? And did She banish them Forever to the Nether?



all the days of a life in misery’s company its dark bird upon the shoulder visible to none but its host but not in mirrors. its hooks, in the trapezius, do not disturb much unless rebellious thoughts foment. it tells what may say what may think what is self until at last the Self cries […]