all the days of a life in misery’s company its dark bird upon the shoulder visible to none but its host but not in mirrors. its hooks, in the trapezius, do not disturb much unless rebellious thoughts foment. it tells what may say what may think what is self until at last the Self cries […]


All in the mind

[Person]         What are we? [Other]            Children [Person]          Why are we? [Other]             To grow.  To love.  To explore.  To find. [Person]           To find what? [Other]              Your way […]


No country for young men

Who knew that it would hurt so much? That mornings would sometimes feel like death, its great hand pressing upon his chest? That giving up would feel like a warm bed. That going on must be bought with great courage and resolve? The vernal equinox another slow tick in time. A youth sees this species, […]