Third or fourth wind, I think. Pissed at the life sedimentary. A change is as good as a rest. Round and round the mulberry bush. Hah. And I see that my old cat knows he’s bony now. He challenges the thin air, and slingshots himself into the five yard dash. Then, saunters to his hairy […]


The coldest knight of the year

Sack of a face. All dragged down by gravity and surrendered muscles. It’s supposed to take more of them to frown than to smile, but nature disagrees. And what’s he doin’ now, that old Aqualung? Shufflin’ along the sidewalk. Dangerous as a stage player. There, he’s found the metal grate, the rising heat curtain. Marilyn […]


I don’t understand your face.

Never show your face again. At least not the one faux filtered, caked with hiding, faked and chiding, undeciding. Resting bitch I want. A tooth or two showing what might bite. A premature goodnight. A masochist’s delight. Wish I may, wish I might coax from you a smile of bright.