The Garden

“I have a hunger” - Those words,spoken in a formal manner,were as stillborn, as heavy as a stonecradled in an apron.And, what does one do with this thing you’ve said-you, who were always the comic,furthest from the dead.Taken aback,in slow shock I cup your hand-not leading you to bed,but into nightfall’s garden.We sup on the... Continue Reading →

Tic-Tac paddywhack

~I hung out with the gang from Otherwhere. They had very cool hoverboards and tinfoil suits. Spied on the Navy, we did. Frazzled their nerves a bit. Cat and mouse, haha. They showed me a star map, pointing with their wormy fingers. What a time! They smelled like spearmint gum.~


This black eye- it changes sides some days, but the worst of the gaze is when the other side greys.

Gone. Gone.

I travelled with three. One was pure and unnamed, as if it were her first hours on the ground. A second was ambitious, driven, risky. The third I thought of as a tower- strong, aloof, convening with cloud thoughts. In the glow of late afternoon, we watched a rocket explode. The hope of many. Gone.... Continue Reading →


The one-room mind has insistent vines and an off-balance floor. Weighted words are thrown with the heft of a hatchet and a boomerang's promise. In a trial outing, it sees a clove-eyed dog zeroing itself against a young oak, which trembles slightly and drops its curlicue hangings. Art by

No exit

~Of late, dreams of flight have been over desolate landscapes, and instead of searching for Shangri-La, I want only to go home. Once soaring and drunk on elixir, now I must use my hover-hands to stop, skinning my palms. Doors and doors are heard in a slamming echo.~

Out of whole cloth

A cloak is dreamt. It is long, hooded, and heavy- as iridescent as a fish. Its imagined scales are of many colors. They resemble organ stops, tombstones, or pats of plastered paint. When donned, its weight makes one stumble- Accretions from an empath's trove.

Photo Challenge: Black and Gray

Some of the stunning photography by Denise Ruttan…

Tea While Writing

I’m trying to make myself go out and shoot photographs at least once a week, so as part of that I am hoping to do more photo-blogging. Through investigating other photoblogs, I have discovered blogs that host challenges on various topics, which I found inspiring for my own photography.

The plan is to make myself go out to a local park or some location like that and shoot either according to what strikes my fancy or along the lines of a theme to focus my eye. I have enjoyed urban photography in the past, but when you live in a semi-rural suburb there is not much variety to photograph; you end up running out of town. Not shooting models any more, when your subject is readily provided in the form of a portrait, I was struggling to come up with ideas and consistent motivation. So in comes photo challenges.


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