Someone needs help

It’s a long shot, but here goes… A friend of mine, who is disabled and on a fixed income, is desperate to find safe and affordable accommodation in South-Central Ontario. She has been renting a room for going on two years, but the landlord is an abusive and dangerous drunk.  I fear for her safety. […]


A white thing

2:43 a.m. and I get up to pee. There’s only the night light, knee height. I shuffle arthritic, steady the wall, when a white thing bumps my eye like a drifting balloon. In a hissed whisper, “bitch” it says, imploding its albumen, stifling my breath. I don’t have to pee any more.


Stewing in the green

You know, don’t you. You can tell. I sit in the greenery, but perceive only symbols. All of its inhabitants seem impatient, as if to chide me for this microscope of mine. I am strafed with ill-considered bullets, held down with malice, but find a friend in an unlikely place.