Weird girl

She felt like a foot with uniform toes. Something to cover, but familial to her apartness. In her years, she picked up tools both shiny and showy, but of the wrong life. Fools’ gold, valued as real, was lost on her. Untrainable. Mulish, they said. Others of us knew differently.


In 3 pieces

Disks of tarnished silver made their advent over the bay, trailing their tatters of cloud remnants. And I believed. Oh, I believed. What has come? I believe that I will rise the next morning. A fifth part of me will study the textbook of motion, be credulous of the day’s tumbling numerals. The dots on […]



I have clown eyes, drawn and bagged by time. Cauliflower ears tuned to a natural E. Chittering teeth, made sharp by erosion, fit to snag the tongue in the cheek. A coconut carapace to hold my hat and support these sliding spectacles. And the slow regard of a timeworn tortoise.