Tears, Finally

In isolation since March 11, 2020. Ten weeks of being in the house with a crushing feeling of nothingness and helplessness and anger and fear. The overwhelming sorrow at taking those feelings out on the ones that I love. An inability to say, “I am sorry”. As if a giant wall, miles high and thick, […]


..day 77..

Originally posted on sonja benskin mesher:
..day 77.. or should i say 11 weeks and i wonder what happens next so the horses were in the long grass this morning while the farmers still go to market i ordered the oil sadly as the can has changed and i did not recognise it yet have…


The road is long

In fable days I took a dare to try the mortal maze They shut the door when I went in to walk its narrow ways I felt a fool and out of school unlearned in errantry and suffered doubt and went without a thought of parentry The road is long I sing a song in […]