A funny thing happened…

I went to get tested for eyeglasses. The optician’s office was inside a large department store, in an out-of-the-way location, and was generally not very busy. It was a warm day, and as I walked in, the attendant, a young woman, was running about the office with a fly swatter. She didn’t see me right […]


A cry in the dark

A certain Ouija still conjures you, wavering but fading. It was not long ago that I could see you clearly, in sober thought, connecting perfect pixels in the 3D puzzles. What you said, how you moved with odd gesture. All reimagined. All lost. No second chances. In the dull I sit.



Does it rush at you, too quickly and sinister, as if lying in wait for a wakening? You had a fondness for a thing ambered now, in its beauteous fade. What’s left for us, after such withdrawal, stewed, now, in the certainty of worry? Chastened in the land of hurry.