Mulling it over

Down the stairs for the laundry. Each step more slow and ponderous than the last. The good hand slides smoothly on the banister. The other dangles with barbed wire pain. Tomorrow, once promised, is a bleak and blank page. Mechanical now, robotic. There is the thought:  Is this all there is? And then: Will it... Continue Reading →

ticktock ticktock

67.742 years, or 3534 + 5/7 weeks, or 24,743 days, or 593,832 hours, or 35,629,920 minutes, or..... 2,137,795,200 seconds, and counting. These things I use, instead of counting sheep. But, I sleep not a peep. Wonder, wonder, wonder why?

The Self

Often thinks about the ending. Impoverished soul. Why so? Brain sees itself as a walnut. Exactly that size and that texture. Ripe now, and dried. if opened, you'd find compartments still true to the model. One or two infected with mould, causing cross-wired circuits and blameless mistakes (it thinks). But the black box is still... Continue Reading →


I've started seeing faces in the most unlikely things. At random times and places these thoughts, upon their wings demand my close inspection, their weirding eyes aglow; their dark'ning introspection like pee holes in the snow. Upon my popcorn ceiling at first, I count the stars. Their constellations reeling- There's Jupiter and Mars! But soon,... Continue Reading →

Just lucky, I guess

When I think about the sometimes humdrum nature of our small town, I must also remember its blessings. In the 30 years that I have lived here, we have never had a flood, a forest fire, an earthquake,  or a tornado (some have come close).  Serious crime is almost non-existent, and I have never heard... Continue Reading →

A Cuckoo clock Christmas

I brought you a present 'Twas an old cuckoo clock From a second-hand store in the city On its top was a pheasant And it said "Tick-a-Tock" So I thought you would think it looked pretty It had pendants and chimes, An old man and his wife That hourly came to do chores They would... Continue Reading →

a naked truth

poisonous home? p'raps it's better makes you get out there and be a man or look for ways that ever you can tells you truth, stripped to its core alone, alone forever more

Are my feet off the ground?

With an inkling of joy & brightness, I’ve experienced what seem to me to be the figurative visitations of angels.  Chance encounters, while out in the marketplace or pumping gas, where a person with an almost visible soul would happen to look my way and smile brightly.  That small gesture has brought forth from within... Continue Reading →

The bad trip

Today, we are shopping. I have been well for a long while now. It was planned. I am with you both, my dear ones. But, since awakening, two cups of coffee ago, I am thrown back to blocked feelings of desperation. We are in a milieu of throngs. I seek equilibrium. There are smiles of... Continue Reading →

The dearness

Closeness, at this moment, denied in this full stop, this frozen frame I taste the tongue of these airs I breathe the lung of its layers This painting, one of my prayers Come. I do want you. Stay a moment. But, wait a moment longer. Please. You know me. Drawing by David Hayward, entitled "Solitary"

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