The sun was in beamsthrough the travelling trees,like a ruby- a lasering strobe, as I did a drivein convertible breeze,well abreast of the darkening road. And "Houses of cloud"(did I say, out aloud?)in the lamps of the settling sun,for I pictured a fortress- a bastion endowedwith the flags from the battles it won. In a... Continue Reading →

Out of whole cloth

A cloak is dreamt. It is long, hooded, and heavy- as iridescent as a fish. Its imagined scales are of many colors. They resemble organ stops, tombstones, or pats of plastered paint. When donned, its weight makes one stumble- Accretions from an empath's trove.


(Originally published as "Neverland" and "On Tormance we stand" ~ A cordial Hello to all who may see this, and may the day embrace you! From your history books, you will know that our ship Neverland left the vicinity of Old Earth 11,000 years ago, bound for the solar system of Arcturus.  Neverland was constructed in space,... Continue Reading →

One way to Mars

(This is a complete story that was once presented in serial form ) ~ ONE WAY TO MARS ~ We started a joke… In June of 2067, the world finally ran out of 12-year-old Scotch. It was also the 100th anniversary of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. This had many people wondering why we... Continue Reading →


A broken lace. A secret place. A baby face. A bell. A ponytail. A woodland trail. A sunlit vale. A spell. *** Photo: Pinterest

Photo Challenge: Black and Gray

Some of the stunning photography by Denise Ruttan…

Tea While Writing

I’m trying to make myself go out and shoot photographs at least once a week, so as part of that I am hoping to do more photo-blogging. Through investigating other photoblogs, I have discovered blogs that host challenges on various topics, which I found inspiring for my own photography.

The plan is to make myself go out to a local park or some location like that and shoot either according to what strikes my fancy or along the lines of a theme to focus my eye. I have enjoyed urban photography in the past, but when you live in a semi-rural suburb there is not much variety to photograph; you end up running out of town. Not shooting models any more, when your subject is readily provided in the form of a portrait, I was struggling to come up with ideas and consistent motivation. So in comes photo challenges.


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The Rest of the Story

A story about a visit to Antarctica by Gael Mueller.

Talkin' to Myself

(For some unknown, unknowable reason, I stopped writing in June. Just stopped. Didn’t think about it. Didn’t worry about it. Whatever makes me write, stopped.

Then a few days ago, that part of my brain started working again. Just did.

So I looked back at what I had been writing about and realized—I didn’t finish the story of Antarctica. So here is–The Rest of the Story.)

The entire trip to Antarctica had given me an emotional high. I was were, for most of my adult life, I had wanted to be. I was on an ocean that few had the privilege to see. I was witnessing a landscape that was terrifyingly beautiful. I was acutely aware of the dangers that surrounded me as I floated on a small rubber boat among penguins and icebergs, whales and mountains.

Zodiak trips

The cold wind on my face, the sun…

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You must've been a big man in the schoolyard. Yes- that is what I think when I watch you with others. Did you lie in wait for that puny kid who wouldn't fight back-who perhaps thought that this was how their life was supposed to be;who made up stories as to why they came home... Continue Reading →

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