The chit chat (Karla and Paul’s story)

previous chapters are Paul pulls out a chair for her, and smiles diffidently.  Then does something that neither he or Karla is expecting.  Impulsively, he picks up her hand and puts his own over it. "I'm Paul". "I thought you must be.", she says, looking at his hat. (Here is a real … Continue reading The chit chat (Karla and Paul’s story)

The Reveal

Paul and Karla's story..... Previous chapters are at and   "No, don't come to my building.  The lot is full and they're parking on the street.  I'll meet you at the diner.  It's right at the corner of Main and 5th.  Oh will I know you?" "I'll be the only one wearing a … Continue reading The Reveal

The things we do for love

previous stories are and Thursday morning found Karla at the local butcher.  Well, actually, dentist.  She and her friends had called him The Butcher because of his reputation for bad jobs or not enough anaesthetic.  But, he had filled the need for someone affordable in this sad neighborhood.  "Can you make this look more … Continue reading The things we do for love


alone i walked before the rivers were named the raising up of mountains i beheld mine eyes floated in mists my ears heard the hiss of original rains i was shown all creatures and was known to them i knew their purpose and they mine through the thousands and the billions have i been within … Continue reading Fatherless

Better call Paul

for previous story, see   "Hello? Listen , I'm sorry, I ...." " It's okay. Don't worry, Paul. You didn't wake me up or anything. I just don't normally get many phone calls. The more I thought about your little request the more I laughed about it. It's something that I would probably do … Continue reading Better call Paul


Karla had just turned 42, three nights after Christmas. With a brisk step, she hurried back home from the corner store in the cold dark dribbling rain. Up the six steps of cracked concrete, she gripped the rusty wrought iron rail and turned her bent key to the entranceway of her tired apartment. Still dripping, … Continue reading 743-5088