At some days' end, I feel as if I have stepped my last- propping up this frame, these unpadded shoulders, boned as a scarecrow. Dithering with the primal thoughts of a child. Open-armed, palms in supplication. I bow down, I do. Image: pixabay.com

Two walls

One's been too many years in the building, and what it shields may have lost its worth. The other, I hold onto, as I walk, in secret regret.

Acting my age

From decades of borrowed wakefulness and broken sleep, this body gives way. The hated alarm faces the wall. Last night's dreams of peace unfolded over fourteen unmedicated hours. This afternoon, with morning coffee, I take the two steps down to the garden, descending into green rest. I understand fewer things now. I repeat small stories,... Continue Reading →

Pierce my heart with cast iron arrows

Fifty years on, in my sad unpacking, this time of letting go, I find, pressed between panes, a polaroid. A face is fuzzily framed in one angled corner, and I think it's you. A blur of bouncy ponytail, laughing eyes and bunny teeth. Looking up, waving goodbye to balloons released, bound for a section of... Continue Reading →

Wanting to stay

Slovenly sleep, or so it seems.... in the lightening shades of darker dreams. Delicious lucidity, floating the soul over depths of disturbing finality. Let us stay in this state, where spirit flies, where youth has returned to our watery eyes. Still granted our wisdom, our memory whole; a vacation from earthly reality. In the glow... Continue Reading →

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