Furry ventriloquism 

I never knew what cats were thinking, until my teenaged daughter started "rescuing" them, one by one, and bringing them home.  In one case, it was a clandestine operation involving a smuggle under her jacket, and a fait accompli when we arrived. Like many Dads, I found it hard to stay mad for very long,... Continue Reading →


When you're home alone, and you don't think about closing the bathroom door, it is one of the absolute certainties in life that you will hear a little thump on the living room floor, and a click click click, as the cat jumps down from his window perch, and pads along the hallway to come... Continue Reading →

More cat trouble

just outside my bedroom door that little beggar waits it's finished all the bowls of food and licked the empty plates it's pigeon-toed and cross-eyed a ghastly sight to see belly drags upon the floor and a gaze that's fixed on me I think it has a pocket watch (it always knows the time) and... Continue Reading →

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