His highness

These small merciesought to leaven the days,I know.But the dustbin of me,now,runs on fumesand sees its own dryness.Double-dares the Devilin all of his highness. *** Image credit: pixel2013 | Pixabay

Running for it

My old father-in-law, now gone, was someone I knew for the first thirty years of my marriage. It does take me a long while to get to know anyone, and vice versa, but, as I grew into his ways (and he became more comfortable with mine), we got along fine.  There was my city boy […]

Bird of prey

i am shutting the door on the memory of that dark valley where i, humbled and small walked in the grey piteously pursuing the faraway dot that was the wan sun until the black cloaked bird of prey came home to roost.

Please do not touch

please today touch me not keep a distance you sit on the couch I will wash dishes see me not I’ll be okay cheer me not or I feel a debt I cannot pay make no noises nerves will explode I am silent I do not respond it is not personal please understand I am […]

I believe in yesterday

I would like to ask some things of those who have felt, or feel now, that they have an undiagnosed or “phantom” disease.  Let’s say your doctors are confounded, or are losing patience with you.  Tests continue to come back normal.  You feel anything but normal.  Your family feels helpless, or worse, tells you to […]

From Captivated, to Captivity

There’s something called obsession, and by all accounts it is “unhealthy”. His fleeting glimpse of a lone dancer, in a season past, will not fade.  Instead, it has sprouted within him, a seedling spreading indelible branches into many directions. On one of these possible paths, he sees himself returning to the scene, making improbable enquiries […]


In a small, crowded, noisy bar, on a winter’s night, he’s surrounded by family and friends.  There’s a dislike for the setting:  Having to shout to be heard at your own table, the inevitable loud or belligerent drunks, the tiny bathroom always occupied.  He stays anyway, because the band is partly family too. Gradually, unknowingly, […]