At some days' end, I feel as if I have stepped my last- propping up this frame, these unpadded shoulders, boned as a scarecrow. Dithering with the primal thoughts of a child. Open-armed, palms in supplication. I bow down, I do. Image: pixabay.com

Pierce my heart with cast iron arrows

Fifty years on, in my sad unpacking, this time of letting go, I find, pressed between panes, a polaroid. A face is fuzzily framed in one angled corner, and I think it's you. A blur of bouncy ponytail, laughing eyes and bunny teeth. Looking up, waving goodbye to balloons released, bound for a section of... Continue Reading →


His ears have been ringing for thousands of days, as from a hard slap, but it stays and it stays. A similar sound to a siren that plays without losing its pitch pipe perfection. A strangling snake seems to coil, and to tighten. Never to loosen, never to lighten. Its singular purpose to cow and... Continue Reading →

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