Out of whole cloth

A cloak is dreamt. It is long, hooded, and heavy- as iridescent as a fish. Its imagined scales are of many colors. They resemble organ stops, tombstones, or pats of plastered paint. When donned, its weight makes one stumble- Accretions from an empath’s trove.

27: Electric babyland (may offend)

I got lotsa babies in here she says to me.  Her voice comes from the ceiling, but I can see her lips move.  Yellow teeth.  No irises.  On the cracked linoleum floor she stands, in stained sweatpants and a T shirt that goes to her navel.  She shifts from one foot to the other, as if […]


I dreamt this morn’ of fences They’d been put up while I slept But the fog obscured my senses And I stumbled ’til I wept The urge was strong for going on So I got up and I leapt O’er barb-ed wire, until the dawn Its promises had kept The fog had burnt away from […]

Cassandra’s dream

Gerald.  My Gerald, my boy. I seem to wake on this snowy night, and, my boy, my little boy, you are deeply asleep, but you float in my room.  You are a balloon boy on a string, and, bumbling against the ceiling, you drift toward my open window….why?  why? did I leave it so? I […]

The Seventh stairway

Furtive and troubling, the rustling of things, Imagined, perhaps, in the dark. And close now, the flapping of leathery wings, And the hounds are beginning to bark. Some thing keeps them at bay, at least for the while, As I gather my breath near the top Of the seventh of stairways, to the narrowest aisle. […]

A dream of northern climes

Twenty years have gone by, such a passage of time, Since I dreamed the most singular thing. You and I, we were natives of a far northern clime, And we traveled from winter to spring Our huts we would build out of snow as we went, And we’d live off the fish and the seal. […]

Wanting to stay

Slovenly sleep, or so it seems…. in the lightening shades of darker dreams. Delicious lucidity, floating the soul over depths of disturbing finality. Let us stay in this state, where spirit flies, where youth has returned to our watery eyes. Still granted our wisdom, our memory whole; a vacation from earthly reality. In the glow […]