Bird of prey

i am shutting the door on the memory of that dark valley where i, humbled and small walked in the grey piteously pursuing the faraway dot that was the wan sun until the black cloaked bird of prey came home to roost.

abstinence is more fun

me and me buddy we are twenty one we have freckles like Alfred E. Neuman we are atop a kids' slide we climbed the long long long ladder with the knurled steel steps it's a double we are excited we grip the railings stand up look almost straight down upon the gleaming tin heat waves... Continue Reading →

Sweet dreams

in the dense darkness of the woods there's a perceived foggy softness of light a way out, let's hurry now in a tree tunnel, as promised closer now, we're there what follows is gaining the way is barred a barricade a weathered rail fence two heads high knitted over with barbed wire grown over with... Continue Reading →

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